Chris Hoeschen's Photo Gallery

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Hello and welcome to my new photo gallery. Please choose an album from the right to view. At any point during the album playback you can press the gallery button to get back to the gallery selection.

I have had a great interest in photography ever since taking a photography class in High School. Although back in those days we didn't have the new fang-dangle digital cameras that we do today. That was back when we still used film, you know like what the dinosaurs used to use in their cameras. I shot mostly black and white then mainly because I got the film for free and could develop it myself. Unfortunately most of my photos have been lost or damaged from that era.

Since High School I have not taken very many photos until I purchased my first digital SLR camera, a Canon EOS-300d. This camera has renewed my passion for photography and I think that shows in my photos. Shortly after purchasing my digital camera I was also reunited with another old friend that I have lost touch with, Photoshop. I had to relearn how to operate Photoshop and also found a lot of new features since the version I played around with in the early 90's. With all the new tools I try not to lose touch with the true art form of photography. Sure I have made my share of digital art but have also found that too much editing can ruin a picture. It is a fine line between just the right mix and going overboard. Most of my pictures have had just a few adjustments of saturation, contrast, highlights, and sharpening where others are composites of two or more photos.

Well enough talk about me, look at my albums and let me know what you think about them by sending me an e-mail at